About Us

Baltic Clean was founded in Tallinn in 2000 by Granlunds Tvätt from Jakobstad, Finland. The company in Tallinn was founded on request from an important customer. The majority owner of Granlunds Tvätt was Olle Granlund and the chairman of the board was Peter Boström. A rundown factory was bought and renovated in the outskirts of Tallinn. The machines to be installed were bought from a large industrial laundry in Berlin, Germany. Soon after Baltic Cleans operations in Tallinn had started, the company was offered to manage the laundry for two more large key accounts.

In 2015 Baltic Clean OÜ was bought by Peter Boström and the brothers Albert and Wilhelm Goudkuil. The three of them had become good friends already back in the 1980’s when Goudkuil delivered machines for Granlunds Tvätt in Jakobstad.

Goudkuil is one of the world’s leading reconditioners of industrial laundry equipment.

Employees today

Today, Baltic Clean employs between 50-100 people depending on the season.


Baltic Clean is located in Tallinn, Estonia.

Type of machines

We use high quality European washing tunnels, laundry machines, dryers, and ironers.